Bergheim Fire Cleanup Service

If your home catches fire, it can be a traumatic and trying experience. We offer expert fire damage restoration to the Bergheim area. Since 1966, Paul Davis Emergency Services has restored countless homes damaged by fire.

Do you need help immediately? Just click the “24-hour Emergency Services” button above if you need help as soon as possible. We’ll do everything possible to arrive at your home within 4 hours.

When our experts arrive at the site of the fire, we will quickly perform the following services:

  • Complete appraisal of fire and smoke damage
  • Exhaustive cleanup, which includes clearing out all harmful chemical residues
  • Documentation and restoration of valuable possessions, upholstery, and any other damaged goods
  • {Structural moisture removal using water extractors, dehumidifiers, air movers and other equipment to completely remove water resulting from fire extinguishing efforts}

Why is using a certified fire and smoke damage restoration firm important?
Flames aren’t the only harmful agent during a fire and restoring and repairing wide-spread damage is a difficult process. Smoke can reach deep into every nook and cranny. Also, soot can cover large parts of a home. Choosing a firm without the proper certification to complete full fire restoration can cause more harm than good.

Your efficient, qualified repair and fire restoration experts from Paul Davis in Bergheim, TX have the expertise to fix any issue caused by a fire.

What should you do?
First, secure the protection of the home’s occupants. Click here* to find out more information regarding how to keep your family healthy after a fire.

Why Paul Davis?
Experience matters. That’s why thousands of people across America trust Paul Davis Emergency Services for fire restoration. At Paul Davis in Bergheim, TX, we have the certifications and can repair a home ravaged by a fire quickly and thoroughly with minimal intrusion to you.